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Welcome to Thrive! This is a weekly space, for all grade 8-12’s, in which you can thrive in creating and sustaining your life for Jesus.


There are two epic times that you can join us – with your friends - during the week:

Friday night Thrive

Every school Friday we gather together for fellowship that is centered upon our Bible teaching session, followed by the best games ever.


We encourage questions, engagement and openness around faith in God, the Bible and life in the 21st C. At Thrive you’ll find a space that you’ll look forward to every week.

Sunday morning Teen Church

Every Sunday we gather together, after joining in worship, to focus in on a teaching from the Word of God. This is an epic space to grow deeper into your discipleship and love for the Lord, or to take your first step towards Jesus.


At Teen church you’ll find a longing to want to know more about Jesus.

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If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact

Caitlin Smith