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Family Worship Service and Children's Church: 9:00am

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worship ministry 

Congregational singing is a privilege and gift to every follower of Jesus.

At SUC we see worship through singing not only as an opportunity to proclaim the truth of the sovereignty and character of God, but also as an opportunity to strengthen the church, and proclaim the gospel together in obedience to God.

children's ministry 

The main goal for our Children’s ministry is that young people can learn about God on their level, grow spiritually and experience God in a loving and safe environment.

On a Friday evening we run our Edge (Grade 0-4) and Step Up (Grade 5-7) youth programs. This runs every Friday within the school term from 5:00-6:30pm.

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children & Teen church 

Welcome to Children and Teen Church!

While the adults of our church enjoy their message in the sanctuary, we break away for our own message time.

SUC Children Church caters for children from reception age to Grade 7 while SUC Teen Church caters for all High School aged students.


Welcome to Thrive! This is a weekly space, for all grade 8-12’s, in which you can thrive in creating and sustaining your life for Jesus.


There are two epic times that you can join us – with your friends - during the week

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young adults & students  

We have a welcoming and homely environment that creates a special time for fellowship and promotes a sense of belonging! As many of the students are from out of town, we recognise the need for a ‘Home away from home’ and that is what we try to provide.

If you’re studying or working, single or married, between the ages of 18-30, then this group is for you! We’d love to meet you and help you settle in to your time at varsity and early work-life.